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5 strokes to help you get the economic high grade wedding

January 14th, 2014

1. Discard excess finish
Choose a class without too much modification of the traditional wedding dress slashes prices, usually can save 1/4 of the budget! Another way is to selectively eliminate some dress decoration, such as retention dress upper body exquisite lace and beaded, but wedding bottom edge, waist, trailing or cuff at all eliminates the fine decorations. Assured that after doing so, your dress is as beautiful and eye-catching.

2. Do not customized high-priced dress

3. Do not buy dresses online
Online assortment of dress is sure to make your heart, but the dress is not suitable for online purchases. Believe me, the tragic story online purchase dress heard too much! Some shop probably before the wedding business you nowhere to go near the key moments of the wedding ceremony. In addition, the wedding dresses for sale online knockoff goods do not match their propaganda.

4. The same simple style appropriate
Simple style dress will help you control costs. You choose the dress fabric is more, the more you spend. Multi-layer taffeta or gauze, Eugen tutu than the tight-fitting dress in a same texture as much as twice as expensive.

5. Samples discount is the best deal
Winter and summer are the best season to buy dress discount seasons in the bridal salon, you can save a lot of money in dress spend. Many wedding dress model through the sample, usually a standard cut. Businesses will usually select clearance in winter and summer, up to 80% discounts. You just need to dry cleaning and alterations fee also calculated in, plus discount on the price, the overall cost of the dress is satisfied, you can take it home!

Extremely sweet Barbie Bride

January 9th, 2014

Barbie dress knew as sweet, it is difficult to see such a pure ivory white style, upper body decorated with full beaded bodice, tutu skirt layers of pants, romance full. Bright satin trim also adds a lot of exquisite sense of the wedding. The bride can be used with bright satin gloves and pearl jewelry, sparkling brilliance will make you a more youthful!

Like cream cake-like expansion of the skirt, the bride put it down. The use of white Barbie wedding corset with Tutu hem Slim exaggerated contrast, forms a visual balance, so full of the bride slim waist, and a large bow decoration, but also a full range of children gorgeous princess. Can be used with a transparent texture of lace gloves, will ease the skirt heavy feeling, fresh and unique atmosphere.

Barbie not matter what season are the lack of baby-like soft pink wedding dress, this simple breath reveal a ladies pink wedding dress, with beautiful silk-based, elegant wavy trim exudes rich retro atmosphere, decorated skirt white embroidery filling noble, bridal hair accessories can be used with bow, let your sweet to escape.

Refreshing light blue Barbie wedding makes bride charm in spring. Bright and beautiful pleated silk mix embroidered tulle decorated brand words and chest circumference of the skirt, very beautiful. As the bride’s wedding dress, can be used with satin gloves and bow hair, blue and white colors corresponding first sight!

Lace wedding dress as this year’s hot elements, mostly in combination with tulle sense of perspective, but this pink Barbie wedding dress, but to overturn the traditional style, with pink chiffon combined with a dreamy sweet style at the same time, without losing deep feminine. It can be used with black gauze headdress and gloves, as wedding or wedding dresses also have the same eyes and ears away people!

The most beautiful wedding dress matching with wedding ring

January 6th, 2014

Style 1 classic shine
Dance tutu is the classic wedding style 2014 spring and summer season presented on this basis the small fishtail tutu bride graceful curve shows, without losing the princess
temperament. Associated with the traditional circular mosaic.

Style 2: creative profile shape
2014 spring and summer wedding, Angel Sanchez this wedding is both modern and stylish, the trapezoidal sleeveless shirt breakthrough must highlight the profile shape of the waist, with matching wedding rings you recommend Boucheron while C shape diamond ring.

Style 3: flower shape
Infinitely romantic wedding from Christos2014 spring and summer flower shape, suitable for young and lovely bride. This dress would improve the waistline, the more pure and
innocent bride. With matching wedding ring Bvlgari While this flower-shaped diamond ring.

Style 4: minimalist and modern
Amhara pleasing minimalist style. This sleeveless boat-neck wedding shiny satin, concise style is very modern. With matching wedding ring diamond rings jewelry brand in Germany
Nanning strong sense of geometric lines.

Style 5: shiny pearl
British wedding brand Temperly this inlaid pearl wedding, retro, elegant, with matching wedding ring is a jewelry brand from Japan Mikimoto

Style 6: retro gorgeous
Oscar da la Renta fishtail wedding dress, long pearl necklace and fail to create a retro atmosphere, highlight the little sparkling mosaic gorgeous skirt body. With matching
wedding ring Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany) water drops diamond ring.

Style 7: sexy shine
Monique Lhuillier this fishtail wedding dress fabric exudes a faint light, with the diamond crown of the head, sexier gorgeous shine. You recommend Chaumet (Chaumet) Platinum
diamond crown.